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Pranshu Jain


Experience Summary:

Total Experience

5.5 Years


MindTree Consulting (1.5 yrs, June 2000 to date)
Technical architect, Tech lead (1 yr)
Technical architecture and project management.

Wipro (3 yrs)
Module leader, Developer.


Siebel, Vignette, IBM MQ Series ,Content Server Actuate


Oracle, XML, J2EE


e-business, Media, FMCG


Java (JSP, Servlets, EJB and Rich clients), Javascript/ VBScript / HTML / DHTML, VB (Activex controls),ASP, Cobol, LEX



Profile Description:

My current job responsibility is that of a Technical Architect and a Tech Lead which involves interacting with the CEO/CIO or the project sponsorer and coming up with recommendation of tools and technologies to be used for the initiative, hardware sizing  and the budgetary estimations.

I am currently playing the role of tech lead – leading a team of 11 –part of one of the biggest project at MindTree Consulting and often am involved with more than one projects at a time.

I have worked in three full project life cycles, two as a technical architect, including being one which is going to be productised.I have contributed to the Architecture and System design process at MindTree and have experimented with several different development life cycles, most successfully with a Spiral model.

I am also involved in pre sales work including preparing proposals and doing estimations. I have undertaken few consulting assignments apart from implementation projects.

My area of interest and expertise include content management and web technologies (both in internet and intranet areas). I have worked for media, finance and FMCG clients. I practice rapid application development making use of available tools, components and public domain knowledge. I  have been part of high level design team of many projects  in my organization – sometime playing the role of reviewer.


Areas of expertise:

·   Application architecture and system design (involving product and technology selection)

·   Content Management  (Designed a homegrown content management system)

·   Digital Asset management systems / Search engines

·   Internet, Intranet and e-business related tools and Technologies (Including Application Servers, CRM Products, Search Engines, Message Queues, mobile databases, etc.)

·   Multilingual application development

·   SFA using Siebel 98 / Siebel Tools 4.0 / Actuate Developers Workbench

·   CRM

·   Products implementation

·   J2EE

·   Awareness of Microsoft technologies and various Microsoft products

·   Wireless technologies

·   OOAD using OMT and Rational Rose

·   Spiral software development life cycle


I have delivered hybrid projects using JSP/Servlets/EJB/JMS for backend and VBA, DHTML, HTML for front end with XML over HTTP as modes of data transfer.



Tools and Technologies used:

·         Openmarket and Vignette content management suites.

·         Siebel Sales and Service with Siebel tools and Actuate reporting suite

·         Altavista, inktomi and Oracle Intermedia search

·         J2EE Application servers (iPlanet AS, NAS, Websphere)

·         Message Queues (IBM MQ Series)

·         Open source software



MindTree Consulting

Hindustan Times Content Management ( July 2001 till Date)

Hindustan times is the leading english and hindi daily newspaper in north India and has a prominent web presence. The project involves building a common cross-media content management system and a digital asset management system.  This system will enable collaboration between Hindustan Time’s over 1500 reporters spread all over India and their editorial staff placed at 12 print locations which bring out over 140 print products and run the second most popular online news site in India. This system will also help them built one of the largest content databases to help them research to produce a better quality product.


·         Gathering Non Functional Requirements.

·         Technical Architecture

§         Selection of software tools and technologies

§         Hardware sizing

·         System design

§         Design of a home-grown content management system

§         Estimation

§         Horizontal and vertical split of design to enable rapid and parallel development

·         Technical Lead

§         Leading a team of 11 to develop the content management backend.

Tools and Technologies

·         Vignette V6 Content Suite

·         iPlanet Application Server

·         IBM MQ Series,

·         Altavista Search Engine, Oracle intermedia Search engine, Webinator search engine

·         Oracle 8i Database

·         Image libraries, Document format filters, charting tool etc.


MidDay Interactive Multimedia Information Database (Jan 2002 till Date)

MidDay is the leading daytime newspaper in Mumbai and publishes three papers in English, Gujrati and Urdu. This is a Consulting Assignment for MidDay which is exploring the possibility of creating a “super desk” or a “multimedia newsroom” which will let them gather and process Mumbai specific news on any media and any language – as a part of a single workflow and later re-purpose content for the required media. The system should also provide them with asset management capabilities for the gathered content.


·         Conduct survey to find out the vision

·         Non functional requirement gathering

·         Studying their existing systems and processes

·         Technical architecture

§         Tool and technology recommendation

§         Hardware sizing and recommendation

Tools and Technologies

·         Market study of leading asset management and content management software offering multimedia repositories and cross media content generation

·         Studied high availability options with popular workflow/asset management systems

·         Studied storage options including NAS/ SAN/ DAS and archival storage like tape lbraries and jukeboxes.


Prudential (Feb 2001-March 2001)

Prudential with their success in mutual fund business in India was exploring setting up similar mutual fund businesses throughout Asia. This was a consulting assignment for Prudential  to help them in arriving at a project plan for the same. This project also included selecting products and technologies required for the initiative to be able to calculate the technical expenditure on the initiative and cut on the implementation time for the same in case the plan was approved.


·         Gathering non-functional requirements

·         Tool evaluation

·         Internationalization/globalization recommendation

·        Estimating the total cost for the initiative

Tools and Technologies

·         Market study of leading content management and search options with support of asian languages

·         Studied iFlex FlexCube as a backoffice for mutual fnd supermart


HLL/HTA (Jan 2001)

This was an assignment for HLL who wanted to enable access and improve access response to HTA applications over internet.


·         Recommending connectivity options

·         Load testing

·        Identifying performance bottlenecks while accessing the application

Tools and Technologies

·         E-Load for Load Testing

·         Study of MS Proxy and Squid proxy with Jinitiator as JVM for Oracle applications and Oracle 8I as database


MindTree Labs: (Aug 2000 to June 2001)

MindTree Labs builds competency in ahead of time technologies and provides support to projects involved in new or rapidly changing technology domains.


Building competency in the following areas:

·         Wireless technologies

§         XML/XSL based publishing for all mobile devices

§         SMS, WAP

§         HTTP as a mode of Inter Process Communication

·         Internationalization

·         Scalability and Availability Architectures

·        Evaluating offerings of companies with niche product range for recommending potential partnership opportunities

Tools and Technologies

·         Cocoon for XML publishing,  XML over HTTP as mode of communication, WAP Gateway, Unimobile’s services, TimesTen IMDB,

·         Internationalization with IPlanet and Webshpere application servers and Oracle 8I portal private limited Portal Private Limited (Aug 99 to June 2000) was one of the biggest B2C portals in India offering content, community services and commerce. I was one of the first technical person to join The B2C site later had over 25 channels and was designed to scale to over 2 Million page view per day.


·         Technical architecture and system design

§         Evaluating and selecting product for content management, search engines and commerce

·         Project management

§         Implementation of the first “Content Management” solution in India based on OpenMarket Content Server.

Tools and Technologies

·         Netscape Application Server

·         IIS 4.0, iWS 4.1, Google Search engine, Atomz search engine,

·         Hyperseek Directory etc.

·         ASP, Pearl, Java and C.



Wipro Limited

SFA implementation for NBC (Sep 98 to Aug 99)

National broadcasting company is the leading Television company in the United States and was implementing Siebel 98 to enable its sales force (both stationary and mobile) better access to data and order booking at field


·         Offshore module leader for a team of 6

·        Development

Tools and Technologies:

·         Siebel 98 / Siebel Tools 4.0

·         Actuate Developer workbench

·         Batch interface in PL/SQL for making NBC Sales system communicate to the Siebel SFA system.


Maintenance projects for National Broadcasting Company (Aug 96 to Aug 98)

Maintenance of various applications of NBC (Payroll, Sales, Projections, Planning and Accounts payable)
Mainly on IBM Mainframe and involved coding in COBOL / IDMS database and ADSO front end development environment and writing a few reports using Brio SQR on Peoplesoft Accounts payable module.

This project included a seven months onsite stint.


Academic Achievements

National Merit Scholarship based on AISSCE marks 1992

41st Rank in National Science Talent Search Examination 1991


Hobbies and Interests

Adventure Sports, Photography.


B.Tech Electrical (Hons), Institute of Technology, BHU, 1996    GPA: 8.82/10 (5th Rank)

AISSCE, CBSE, MVN Public School Faridabad, 1992, 88.2% (1st Rank)