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Monday, August 30, 2004

When do you update your blog?
Yesterday Apoorv mentioned that people update their blogs only when they are totally jobless. I think I concur. This means that I have done nothing but womehow while away time while still trying to look busy thru the day.
I should be relocating to UK soon. The winding up process is on. Its hard work even though i have delegated all of it to Nupur. Advance collection from this land lord will be the single biggest reason why i will consider buying a house once i am back.
I will do some more reasearch on land and put it in here. What I know is like this
Mohan had bought property in Jayanagar 4th T block for 1600.
Ramesh is looking unconverted land in Whitefield for 300.
Koramangla cheaper places were 2K to 2200 per sq ft. HSR was 1500. The prices may have gone way up by now. All I need is an uncle in Nigeria to write all his wealth to me. A Lottery will also do.

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